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Nathan Fletcher

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holy crap I havent seen this kid since the astrodeck winni shacked up at the meir st compound. This video has more incredible barrels and airs than Ive ever seen in a short. check it out.

fullscreen version


Same Shipwreck Different Channel

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just did a name change and moved all the old posts over so its complete. The new name/blog is easier to find on a search, which is the reasdon I did it. Thanks for checkin in and keeping up.

Welcome back to the shipwreck

Wonderful Wodensdag

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Hailsa happy campers it was wonderful day today (11-17-10) tho I missed the prime tide by a few hours due to work. Typical session with one other guy out on a shorty he was getting some decent rides with a frontside roundhouse to backside slappy back in everywave. The apple of course missed every cutback photowise but hey it aint a gopro. Pretty clean knee to waist sliders comin in, pretty consistant and I caught my fill thanks to the ol 12er. Thanks to Greg with the board tip earlier. Swung by the eavey rider compound and R&D center to say thanks and snoop about. Check out the Skip inspired 9 something here nice fin. Just a peek tho as it gets unveiled at Hope for Helen Dec 3rd.

Hes about to do a round house really

9 something Skipper for HFH   just wait for the metalic rootbeer accoutrements 

Batter waiting for pan

fish waiting for fins

Frezzin Ass Saturday

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Orig posting Nov 6 2010

wow been banged up on the injured reserve list for a bit so missed the last remnents of baggy weather, hello rubber! Wind was on it while I was out but it seemed to back off when I dragged my frozen outta shape ass outta the water. Still caught a few but the wind was an issue on takeoff, Fun lil waist high sliders and the crowd was reasonable and about havin fun. No freshman attitudes today. All my shots of good sets were overexposed and worthless so this all I have. with luck the wind will go lite and stay offshore for tomorrows 38 degree wake up. BRRRR Sunday may be a skate mornin.

heres a wonderful shot from a previous CB session of Womble doing an axel stall on a round wall…….not since KONA or Swinson have we seen this sort of stall expertise in a bowl.

Course at least he can reach the coping.

Sneaker Saturday

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Orig posting Sept 25 2010

Classic example of you snooze you lose, but just go anyway, overslept and missed the tide but since it was still clean at 7:30 I went out  and surprisingly there was still mid break just inside the shipwreck. Nice bounce off the jetty gave it some push it lacked elsewhere. It was probably really fun just before dawn with a lower tide. Looks like the bars filled in some as it was just 5-6 foot deep which is good news for fall. fun lil sliders were coming in consistantly and the wind held off. The recent swell and triathalon traffic jam kept the crowd at this end down to 1 other surfer from crystal pier down. Nice start to a day.

Caught The Choppy

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Orig Posting sept 12 2010

Clean faces but the wind was mixing it up abit but still theres a bit of a swell under the wind and there were a few horizontal reverbs off the jetty to catch. Always fun to ride a wave out to sea. Noone out as per….

The path got a trimming, wish they’d let it grow over the top for the tube effect like it was till late 90′s. darn ol city workers

sorry but the weather kept me from getting any close up shots, and I was the only one out anyway.

Missed the Glassy

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Orig Posting Sept 8 2010

or rather one hour of glassy conditions with lower tide on Friday morn, wind on it by 7. Choppy junk today so took some photos of the mini thats nearly done. check it out in Eaveys Kitchen. Have a good un