Earls Friday

Orig. Posting Sept 3 2010

Not even a drop of rain from the cane but good surf. Got on it really late but still had a fun 30-40 minute session despite the crowd. Azythramicin and lung junk was working me but still nice glassy surf cant be missed.College is back and labor day is upon us with all the joy it brings so the whole beach was crowded. SW wind started to wreck it by 11 am and the swell switch went off about 10:20 I think.  Lots of dorm room bouys on the inside but some guys were getting some snappers while I was outside on the skip. There wasnt as much bounce off the wall as I hoped there be either but no matter. Sorry no close shots as time was an issue today. Lets hope theres some knee high glass left for dawn patrol on sat! click the photos and you can actually see the waves.



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