Frezzin Ass Saturday

Orig posting Nov 6 2010

wow been banged up on the injured reserve list for a bit so missed the last remnents of baggy weather, hello rubber! Wind was on it while I was out but it seemed to back off when I dragged my frozen outta shape ass outta the water. Still caught a few but the wind was an issue on takeoff, Fun lil waist high sliders and the crowd was reasonable and about havin fun. No freshman attitudes today. All my shots of good sets were overexposed and worthless so this all I have. with luck the wind will go lite and stay offshore for tomorrows 38 degree wake up. BRRRR Sunday may be a skate mornin.

heres a wonderful shot from a previous CB session of Womble doing an axel stall on a round wall…….not since KONA or Swinson have we seen this sort of stall expertise in a bowl.

Course at least he can reach the coping.


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