First session of Spring

Ah waters warming up nicely a beautiful day with some nice glassy sliders coming in at the Jetty. A perfect day to blow out your back, which is just what I did. Nevertheless not one to cringe out I called up the R&D Compound and borrowed a nice lil 8 foot simmons, it was sweet! I coulda used something to knee paddle with my back jacking up worse with each paddle but even cripplefied the board caught waves easily and was a blast to ride. Cant wait to get back on it after Im back at full speed. Sorry no surf shots, couldnt manage it with the back but heres some board shots. This boards perfect for the jetty style wave, flat so its fast and makes sections, very responsive and the wide tail really catches the push so your up and gliding quick even with shorter lengths.If you get the chance try one of the designs out, they’re a an assload of fun.

lotsa concave




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