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Happy Spring !

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got up for the dawn patrol and bout got skunked on parking at 6:30am due to a load of church people on the SE. Lucked out with one spot open on #42 and caught some seriously fun waist high swell. Looked confused from the beach but in the lineup it was pretty consistent and had some push. Even caught a near complete W ride on the last one.Lots of good bounce off the jetty, and noone out.

Some dirtys on the beach drew porno drawings in the sand but at least they didnt steal my shit, Thanks Jerry.  Sand erases easy. Waters warming fast I think baggies could be a go mid day was baking in the SS full. Sorry the go pro didnt grab any good photos today. Hope you had fun with the chillins lookin for eggs after your session.


Oh yeah you’re welcome

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Yep went to see Jonathon at Marks of Distinction to get my sleeve outline done and sure as shit the next day there was fun waist to chest glassy surf.     so you’re welcome.

Never Forget

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One of the few great things about being O/C is you dont forget certain things, especially things like some jack ass laughing at a 13 year old girl whose just had her arm ripped off by a Tiger shark. Lil things like that stick with ya. Im a big free speech guy, but with it comes the responsibility to use some common sense judgement. Using a lil girls misfortune for a comedy skit should come with some societal if not physical blow back. Sometimes it does, other times it takes a while. Heres one of those times. The wife wanted to take our eldest to see Soul Surfer, which I nixed as Id like her not to be utterly terrified of going surfing with dad. However this jogged the ol jettyholics memory cells,  Grudge Holding dept, and I remembered the Tom Joyner Radio shows heinous behavior the day after Bethany Hamiltons shark attack. This was broadcast nationwide, not just some local radio show. Being one serious grudge holding SOB upon dirtbags such as this I figured hey the release of Soul Surfer is the perfect chance to let all these people know about this incident and give them the opportunity to pile pressure on Joyner to finally man up and apologize to her and her family. So Jettyholic went and did a quickie youtube with the recording of the show. Check it out, please spread it around, copy it and post your own youtube or vimeo of it in case Im forced to remove it for copyright reasons. Theres an email link to Joyner in the video description, and here as well, try to be somewhat nice:    Email Tom Joyner

I walk the line…

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Bit smaller today than we’d all hoped for but what the heck its nice and glassy winds not too hard waters warming so hey Im goin surfing!

Walked the line today havent done that in ages. Huge fine and it really sets the LE off so please dont do it after 7:30am or so cuz the white truck’ll be out.  Nice rebound off the jetty helped the lil knee slapper waves and the 8 foot simmons did the trick picking up waves easy though it doesnt have the glide potential the 12 footer does of course. Really cant wait to get this board out in just a tad bit bigger swell, its a really fun board to play on. Pretty much solo session as per,but 2 fellas came out late in the mornin when i was ready for a Phoenix from Joel at the sammy shop. Almost lost the go pro as well, thankfully it waited till i hit the beach for the secure screw to fall out. Locktite here I come! 2mm SS full was the go today!

you get some cool shots with the lil go pro makes even knee high stuff into views of natural art most folks never get to see but we do.Another reason to be grateful.

worthy of sharing a wall with a Skip Frye, end of…

Jettyholic Presents TCF the movie

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first attempt with the go pro useing the head strap. waited for the swell to drop with incoming tide so this isnt really what the main session looked like but what the hell, a second tired freezin go out is always worth it. Hey the bar looks good and even tho this day was freezin with the hard winds the waters warmin up!  Things look nice for spring sessions on the shipwreck. Coming soon jettyholic T-shirts for the jetty obsessed…

oh and the  mini-ish simmons was a blast cant wait for another go out to get it dialed.

VIDEO HAS SOUNDTRACK THAT IS NOT MOM APPROVED ! send the chillins to the next room

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