Never Forget

One of the few great things about being O/C is you dont forget certain things, especially things like some jack ass laughing at a 13 year old girl whose just had her arm ripped off by a Tiger shark. Lil things like that stick with ya. Im a big free speech guy, but with it comes the responsibility to use some common sense judgement. Using a lil girls misfortune for a comedy skit should come with some societal if not physical blow back. Sometimes it does, other times it takes a while. Heres one of those times. The wife wanted to take our eldest to see Soul Surfer, which I nixed as Id like her not to be utterly terrified of going surfing with dad. However this jogged the ol jettyholics memory cells,  Grudge Holding dept, and I remembered the Tom Joyner Radio shows heinous behavior the day after Bethany Hamiltons shark attack. This was broadcast nationwide, not just some local radio show. Being one serious grudge holding SOB upon dirtbags such as this I figured hey the release of Soul Surfer is the perfect chance to let all these people know about this incident and give them the opportunity to pile pressure on Joyner to finally man up and apologize to her and her family. So Jettyholic went and did a quickie youtube with the recording of the show. Check it out, please spread it around, copy it and post your own youtube or vimeo of it in case Im forced to remove it for copyright reasons. Theres an email link to Joyner in the video description, and here as well, try to be somewhat nice:    Email Tom Joyner


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