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Is it always like this?

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Sure they look cute all snuggled up and fluffy but you turn your back and you find one outside the box and your computer on with this pulled up!

At this point Im willing to negotiate if the lil devil can make windows movie maker or dvd burner function with any reliability.


Jettyholic has gone viral !

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WOW the ol jettyholics finally made it. Upon seeing the magnificent DJ Struntz photo of my graceful gliding on her husbands shape, Donna Frye has ordered the photo installed as the screen for all San Diego County Police cruiser computer screens. The patrolmen are so relaxed after viewing the soothing image that there have been reports of officers pulling over to wax curbs for skaters. After decades of close contact with LE, Im truly overwhelmed with emotion (and gratitude for the tip from Jettyholics good friend Ozeal)

I think the squad car has a Hemi too, geez what more could ya ask for?

Search and destroy chickens

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So at 4 weeks the chicks are dividing up into different units. The Plymouths are apparantly the pathfinders/recon unit. Working as a team using advanced stealth and diversion tactics they are always looking for the opportunity to gather more info to ensure the success of  a mass escape in the near future. Theyre keeping their organization very loose so their OODA loop is small and quick to adapt to changing conditions.  A few short escapes by one individual have taken place, he may or may not be the squad leader, but I believe these were merely to test our response time. Im begining to rethink my purchase of genetically enhanced IQ chickens.

Over the top !

The same one, cleverly using the water tower as an observation post.

I swear I saw this one with a chick sized copy of Leaderless Resistance and some of Boyds manuals. But he hid em quickly in the poop mulch. Its getting weird.

SO Im famous like

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or as close as Ill ever get. So I stumbled into DJ Struntz and Logans International Surf Day photo shoot and came out famous. Im sure Tudor or Tyler Warren will be giving me a ring on the celly shortly. Check out more photos here:  How did you spend International Surfing Day??? d.j. struntz

dont forget to check out Struntz and Logan for your photo and media needs at  Eyeconic    They obviously do wonderful work.

Im killin it!

see what you get with a real camera!

mini simmons on loan…..

The bad news is the wifes found out about this and now wants prints. “we dont have anything of you outside of photos with tattooed guys with shaved heads about to pound somebody in a pub!” This will cost me I just know it.

look what the cat done drug in

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Been catchin some surf this week, Monday was fun with Logan and DJ down doing a shoot for surfing mag, had to bust out the mini to help the cause, way too small for toothpick thrusters. On weds. I caught some fun lil peaks with morvil in the knee high range on the skipper. Thorsday brought us a bit of swell showing in the knee to waist high zone. Had the mini simmons out and had some room to maneuver for once. I got a pleasant surprise when eternal grom at heart chappy, aka The Chappinator, showed up on his green cooperfish nose rider. I was gonna ask if he wanted to try the mini but he beat me to it, so we traded up for a bit. Had fun on the cooper, hadnt riden a proper log noserider in ages, vastly different from the out in front glide of a skip. It had nice maneuverability for fades and would just sit in the pocket waiting for you to cross step to the nose. Was a fun session, glad I caught a few before heading into Marks of Distinction for some more work. So with a tatted up arm expect a good swell for the weekend.

Weds mornin ( dont ferget you can enlarge the photos then click again to further enlarge and get a good view)

Thursday Mornin 6 am

bit after 7 and I had to run so chappy quick caught a groveler so I could get some photos and run. The tide was dropping and the waves were getting better but lil girls summer camp waits for no man.

Thanks to chappy for making the best outta a groveler so the ol jettyholic would have some surfing shots for once.


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session for most of the mornin. Looked pretty poor on the cam at 5 but headed out with the trusty 12er and saw a nice sunrise and caught some midbreak to the beach rides on the teeny weeny town sized lines. Few thigh waist high sets snuck thru early on and it was best towards first peak as the tide rolled in fast. Young beginner girl came out late session and Mysto and Polee were fishin right on top of the wall in their john. Nice to catch up. I caught more waves than he caught fish. The typical crowd for 7am sunday.It sure beats not surfing . The 12 footer was a dream today, defo a day for a log or skip vehicle. Its always a blast to get back on it and feel the speed and glide it has. Swell for monday maybe, jettyholic may roam south.

as per no sliding photos.

Film crew Monday

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Occasionally the ol jettyholic rubs elbows with the stars of the film industry and this Monday was one of those times. Mike Rayle legendary sound and boom man put aside his rigorous filming schedule to sneak in a few high tide waves. Youve enjoyed Mikes talents for years w/o knowing it, remember the outtakes of the DiCaprio epic of Howard Hughes, yeah thats mike smacking Leonardo upside the face with the big fuzzy mic during a love scene. thats why we love the mikester.

But today was all about the fun lil ground swell we enjoyed, milk glass conditions early and even tho the tide was opposite of what you’d want there were some fun long lines to be had if you chose your equipment wisely.


couldnt afford the SAG fees to show his face but its Mike at dawn!

Tip Time. A fella on a red LB was catching some nice nose rides but didnt get a shot of him. This is one of his mates.

Enlarge the photo below and you’ll see the rather odd individual on the far right who was out on a big longboard smacking the water with what appeared to be a garden hoe. He had a chocked up grip on the handle and was bent over hacking the water like he was going at a very stubborn weed in the garden. Dont know what the hell that was all about but it was amusing to watch.