Trey and I hit the jetty round 11 today and it was super glassy, tide dropping and the usual knee to waist but with some pretty decent length lines to connect. Trey surfed so hard his chest was bleeding when we got out. Water was crystal clear, no crowd I can deal with it! Naturally I was too busy surfing to take pictures. Greg showed up as we were leaving so being the stand up kind of guy I am, went out for another session even tho the wind had gone onshore. Tide hit dead low wind backed off and it started breaking over the shipwreck. One of the regulars paddled out on a aelia/wood plank and caught some good ones with Greg while I took some photos. However the ol Iphone let me down yet again and chose not to cooperate so I didnt wind up with even half the photos I took. cant wait to get a gopro again. Anyway as per usual the Jetty came thru and it was way more fun than it looked.Finished up the session refueling at Jeffs sammy shop, with burned calfs, beat tired and stoked!  Wonder where Ryan Swink is?

Heres Greg on a tiny one ready for the soup ride to reform.

Heres one that got away.


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