Double shot of slide

Up at 4:30am for the pre dawn slide. Just me, Osprey and the Spanish Mack this mornin, ok I did see a fin or two as well but you get the idea. offshore breeze small but long lines with a bit o bounce equals thigh high peaks and some fun rides on the mini.The 12 footer woulda been sweet but I got new board fever and the bar o soap didnt let me down on the funamatic meter.

Out at 6:30am to get the pumpkin to last day o school for 2011, then managed to sneak in a biscuit and another session with sir Eavey, who was riding the pocket master which was a perfect choice for the lengthy mini lines. At this point I shoulda hopped out for some photos as I watched Eavey get  one classic big fin ride after another, shoulda woulda coulda cause I was too busy riding the simmons. Another day, another fun session and another example of the validity of the MANTRA:  Just Paddle Out.

Cloudy pre session sunrise

post session #1 sunrise

Ill try and be more photocentric next session with other human sliders


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