Film crew Monday

Occasionally the ol jettyholic rubs elbows with the stars of the film industry and this Monday was one of those times. Mike Rayle legendary sound and boom man put aside his rigorous filming schedule to sneak in a few high tide waves. Youve enjoyed Mikes talents for years w/o knowing it, remember the outtakes of the DiCaprio epic of Howard Hughes, yeah thats mike smacking Leonardo upside the face with the big fuzzy mic during a love scene. thats why we love the mikester.

But today was all about the fun lil ground swell we enjoyed, milk glass conditions early and even tho the tide was opposite of what you’d want there were some fun long lines to be had if you chose your equipment wisely.


couldnt afford the SAG fees to show his face but its Mike at dawn!

Tip Time. A fella on a red LB was catching some nice nose rides but didnt get a shot of him. This is one of his mates.

Enlarge the photo below and you’ll see the rather odd individual on the far right who was out on a big longboard smacking the water with what appeared to be a garden hoe. He had a chocked up grip on the handle and was bent over hacking the water like he was going at a very stubborn weed in the garden. Dont know what the hell that was all about but it was amusing to watch.


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