look what the cat done drug in

Been catchin some surf this week, Monday was fun with Logan and DJ down doing a shoot for surfing mag, had to bust out the mini to help the cause, way too small for toothpick thrusters. On weds. I caught some fun lil peaks with morvil in the knee high range on the skipper. Thorsday brought us a bit of swell showing in the knee to waist high zone. Had the mini simmons out and had some room to maneuver for once. I got a pleasant surprise when eternal grom at heart chappy, aka The Chappinator, showed up on his green cooperfish nose rider. I was gonna ask if he wanted to try the mini but he beat me to it, so we traded up for a bit. Had fun on the cooper, hadnt riden a proper log noserider in ages, vastly different from the out in front glide of a skip. It had nice maneuverability for fades and would just sit in the pocket waiting for you to cross step to the nose. Was a fun session, glad I caught a few before heading into Marks of Distinction for some more work. So with a tatted up arm expect a good swell for the weekend.

Weds mornin ( dont ferget you can enlarge the photos then click again to further enlarge and get a good view)

Thursday Mornin 6 am

bit after 7 and I had to run so chappy quick caught a groveler so I could get some photos and run. The tide was dropping and the waves were getting better but lil girls summer camp waits for no man.

Thanks to chappy for making the best outta a groveler so the ol jettyholic would have some surfing shots for once.


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