Jettyholic has gone viral !

WOW the ol jettyholics finally made it. Upon seeing the magnificent DJ Struntz photo of my graceful gliding on her husbands shape, Donna Frye has ordered the photo installed as the screen for all San Diego County Police cruiser computer screens. The patrolmen are so relaxed after viewing the soothing image that there have been reports of officers pulling over to wax curbs for skaters. After decades of close contact with LE, Im truly overwhelmed with emotion (and gratitude for the tip from Jettyholics good friend Ozeal)

I think the squad car has a Hemi too, geez what more could ya ask for?


3 Responses to “Jettyholic has gone viral !”

  1. Copyright infringment…..At least give me honarable mention….

  2. I was protecting my source

  3. Oh, ahhhh….Then the June Gloom is about over here in Encinitas, July should be sunny…

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