Search and destroy chickens

So at 4 weeks the chicks are dividing up into different units. The Plymouths are apparantly the pathfinders/recon unit. Working as a team using advanced stealth and diversion tactics they are always looking for the opportunity to gather more info to ensure the success of  a mass escape in the near future. Theyre keeping their organization very loose so their OODA loop is small and quick to adapt to changing conditions.  A few short escapes by one individual have taken place, he may or may not be the squad leader, but I believe these were merely to test our response time. Im begining to rethink my purchase of genetically enhanced IQ chickens.

Over the top !

The same one, cleverly using the water tower as an observation post.

I swear I saw this one with a chick sized copy of Leaderless Resistance and some of Boyds manuals. But he hid em quickly in the poop mulch. Its getting weird.


2 Responses to “Search and destroy chickens”

  1. Boyd & OODA references… interesting. im curious where jettyholic picked that up.

    • I am/was faithful reader of Bill Linds work, Ive got all of Boyds manuals on PDF thanks to J Robb. Whole family is military too. I have hope Lind comes out of retirement or at least gets his latest project published.

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