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This is the official Jettyholic statement on SUPs.

Yes you do feel like a bike fag decked out in matching neon spandex with one on your car, but they are fun on flat days and its good  training in the water.

There Ive said it.


you know its summer when

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some chowderheads have a 2 block fishing net strung out in the inside with the tide switching to low right in front of the main peak. I surfed around the buoys like downhill racer on the mini. Surf was fun few sneaker sets had some push and a nice line for the size.  Leon was a bit preturbed by it all, hopefully no lil kids got tangled up before the ranger did his drive by.

In case you missed it

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nice mini simmons work from Tyler Warren shaping it and then killing it at lowers

lotsa surf and odds n ends

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hope youve been on it. some random odds and ends here that piled up.

never ever leave town with a nearly finished surfer, you’ll get a text photo like this with a “You’re new board rides great!” message.

Treys new mini, and yes he’s ripping on it with the young guns.


crazy lil mushroom forest by 41

cool resin

let a guy nab a few pallets and this is the thanks u get. a photo on the net of your coordinated board shirt watch outfit. sweet the 80’s ARE back!

topside of cool resin. beautiful outline on this SFP

cant imagine what this will be? ha ha

they probably saw trey and I out killing it on ours and had to try one.

the GLIDER model! your summetime passport to FUN!

this is how you do a cutback on a mini simmons.Tyler Warren from the TW Experience video out in sept.

even old guys over sleep sometimes. snooze n looze session

smokey start

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Bit of smoke and a strange assortment of nerdowells  wandering about at 5:30 this mornin. Wind switched up promptly at 6 giving whats left of the swell a bit of texture but not bad. Tide was a bit high so it was inside at 41 this mornin and about knee high with some better sets maybe. looks like it may be better at low tide have to wait and see. I can tell Ive been getting 3 hour sessions in every day for week, so caught a few on the skipper and headed in early today.

Wonderful sunrise and the smokes clearing out.


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well its been a bit wobbly at the jetty for our first swell of the summer but the mid break and inside have been fun. Caught a few smokers outside yellow sign/rocks but ya gotta wait. Crowd thinned out considerably friday and sat as the challenge of figuring out the set up weeded out the chafe. Sat saw some racey lil rights and lefts on the inside 41 sign with semi clean conditions till round 8 or so when the wind finally went offshore. The mini simmons has been working well and really shone when there was a racing section to beat. Natuarally no good surf shots but fridays sunrise was epic. In hindsite I wish Id quivered it both days as the skip wouldve been fun on the outside while the tide was switching.

A BIG swell

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of people hit the ol Jetty today in typical mid summer fashion. There were some young rippers,Eastern guys. the regular jetty groms and Tony B made it out too but the majority were utterly clueless about where to sit or how the jetty breaks. This led to the typical wall of saucer eyes as you took off outside and had to pick a line thru the masses. The up side being the swell still had a lot of wobble and the jetty was a bit finicky which seemed to thin the herd quickly. Then the surf camp showed up…………..

all in all tho a fun session with  carvable faces and a bit of push. hooray

Sunrise with the CB Surfrider Zog and his mini simmons. Zog avoided the pack and found a honey hole full of zipping rights down the way. Then went home and caught it better.

It just wasnt doing it early today, not sure why.

Here it is @ 8ish obviously suffering from high tide but some good ones were still going a bit up the beach