B-day present

The ol Jazz man greg turned 35 again this week and dragged his 2 beer hangovered ass out to the waters edge at the crack of 8. The rest of us had been out since 6,(suffering from 4or 5 beer hangovers) so he took advantage of it and caught an assload of sliders for his B-day. Having the early entry board The Glider helped things along. Id switched from the trusty 12er to the new eavey rider mini s 6′  by then so i missed a chance at test riding the glider darn it. Surf had started to pick up but was a bit too frequent and not as lined up as tuesday but was still fun on both boards and the wind stayed calm till darn near 9 a miracle in itself.

From there poor Gregs day went to shit as I noticed he had on a fancy new pair of trunks, you know the 60-70 buck model with zippers and buttons made by eco friendly oompa loompas in China and sold at the finest stand up paddle shops. Greg unwisely pointed out the pattern was actually letters to which I exclaimed in a jovial tone that his trunks had LOVE and PEACE written all over em. This caused undue mental trauma for poor Greg, but on closer inspection we discovered it was just random letters. But it was too late the mental damage had been done but the abuse was just starting as poor ol greg got picked on for the rest of the day by various and sundry characters. Whats a B-day w/o abuse from the bois!

Happy B-Day Greg from the Eavey Rider slider club and beer guzzling  society!


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