A BIG swell

of people hit the ol Jetty today in typical mid summer fashion. There were some young rippers,Eastern guys. the regular jetty groms and Tony B made it out too but the majority were utterly clueless about where to sit or how the jetty breaks. This led to the typical wall of saucer eyes as you took off outside and had to pick a line thru the masses. The up side being the swell still had a lot of wobble and the jetty was a bit finicky which seemed to thin the herd quickly. Then the surf camp showed up…………..

all in all tho a fun session with  carvable faces and a bit of push. hooray

Sunrise with the CB Surfrider Zog and his mini simmons. Zog avoided the pack and found a honey hole full of zipping rights down the way. Then went home and caught it better.

It just wasnt doing it early today, not sure why.

Here it is @ 8ish obviously suffering from high tide but some good ones were still going a bit up the beach


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