lotsa surf and odds n ends

hope youve been on it. some random odds and ends here that piled up.

never ever leave town with a nearly finished surfer, you’ll get a text photo like this with a “You’re new board rides great!” message.

Treys new mini, and yes he’s ripping on it with the young guns.


crazy lil mushroom forest by 41

cool resin

let a guy nab a few pallets and this is the thanks u get. a photo on the net of your coordinated board shirt watch outfit. sweet the 80’s ARE back!

topside of cool resin. beautiful outline on this SFP

cant imagine what this will be? ha ha

they probably saw trey and I out killing it on ours and had to try one.

the GLIDER model! your summetime passport to FUN!

this is how you do a cutback on a mini simmons.Tyler Warren from the TW Experience video out in sept.

even old guys over sleep sometimes. snooze n looze session


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