This is the official Jettyholic statement on SUPs.

Yes you do feel like a bike fag decked out in matching neon spandex with one on your car, but they are fun on flat days and its good  training in the water.

There Ive said it.


4 Responses to “SUPs”

  1. the sup crowd is the same crowd that got into the harley craze 10 years ago….there I said it.

  2. I notice more time constrained dads or tri types on em. But I guess a SUP is a step up from wearing penny loafers while on your cheeser harley.

  3. and guys who try and ride longboards like a shortboard, aka crutches. Then youve got guys like ZOG out killing on em at dawn.

  4. ” I’ve definately had my words in the past about SUP’s. Most are related to the mass public interest. The people who never really stepped foot in the ocean, or did it on an occasional basis. The SUP gave them the freedom to all of a sudden have a huge advantage over the paddle-less others. They didn’t need to serve their time, work their way into the line-up, take the left overs, etc. If they were smart, All they needed to do is spend a week paddling on calm water, then take that act out into the line-up and learn to catch waves. Soon, they could be sitting out further then the rest, and stroking into waves, with hardly a competitor. I think I could teach a non-surfer how to paddle an SUP and having em ligitamately catch waves in 2 weeks. How long does it take the average surfer to learn to catch waves, stand up, and go down the line? Most of these newbies have absolutely no etiquitte whatsoever. They never learned. They never had some guy at WindanSea throw a punch at them, because he grew up their, not because he was right. They never had an older buddy constantly grind their mind with the rights and wrongs, the places they shouldn’t go, or the places they shouldn’t go with anyone else. They just don’t get it. They don’t understand why they hear comments as they paddle by. They are just out getting some exercise, just as they would on the basketball court or the softball field. Then, throw in the fact, that most of the ones that don’t fit this bill, that actually surfed, then started to SUP, usually don’t do it at the break that they used to surf at, well that is just plain fucked. My question to them is this, “You seem to surf well, why is it that you are all of a sudden coming here to SUP?” Why don’t you SUP at the break that you used to surf at?”

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