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Early Bird

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2011 by jettyholic

catches the glass. Well the ol jettyholic aoke at 4:30 knowing thursday was the only chance in hell of clean surf and found the wind lite and sw, the sound looked like a mirror. Only hang up first day of first grade so time was short. paddled out in semi dark while the other jettyholics pulled in early too, was a bit dumpy on the inside and took a nice one to the head on the paddle out. Caught a few fun ones, good lines with the high tide in the chest head high range on sets with a few bigger perhaps. Later it was a bit wonky and bumpy but still worth it for the fun drops alone. Friday saw the expected NE winds, ya snooze ya lose. click the photos for better looksy


Creation vs Destruction

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Grab a beer, and enjoy while you hope for glassy surf and clean your firearms.

Action shots

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Woa¬† shades of Jay adams circa mid 80s cept he’s on a chiklet. borrowed from SURF-KNOT

Testing the baby SUP paddle out, pre paddle photo op

lots of boat wakes n chop so we went knee paddle today

post session grub a thon at the Surf House on Racine, are the waffles any good?

Id say thats an affirmative, the giant mound of waffledom has disappeared! Yes thats Distressed Mullet in the background, he had the Greek wrap special, I considered fighting him for it mine was sooo good.

Baby SUP

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playing with my youngest the other day by the guardie station I realized that her foamy pink 9 footer was like a SUP to her, she just turned 4. So dad rummaged, Eavey had some carbon fiber laying about and viola your under a buck baby SUP paddle is born. Cant wait for her to see it, hey asymmetrical is in again and yes she knows she cant paddle out at the jetty using it.

Loads of surfing

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been getting loads of surfing in despite having my ass handed to me by the heat wave coinciding with a return to wire monkey status. Der Chapinator and the regular jetty crew have been catching some fun EARLY sessions on the days when there was no projected surf, I-40 excrement showing up on the projected days to find less than expected swell and more than expected wind, and jovial jettyholics who were just grateful to catch it w/o the flushings. Its been longboard or mini simmons type conditions largely with early super smooth surface conditions adding to our slider pleasure. Too beat to post digital images tonight so just enjoy the latest from CPT Fin looks to be fun.