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more new stuff

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ok heres some more new stuff to look at, drool over and get that 3rd job to purchase

you know you want it


tricked out slimmed down mini for a 160lb rider, looks like a rocker increase too but dont quote me on that.

Punk rock ant returns from 1981 to oversee mini bob R&D

SFP and a nice one at that

gregs new personal, its a nose rider w/o all the pushy pushy water crap. A nose glider complete w diamond tail and Velzy fin

narrow nose concave

uh huh

built to glide

random WTF ?

Kenvin prolly has a nicer office

textbook grom dump at Globe video premier red dogs

now go read these. You know a books worth reading when its only 47 pages but the publisher has 50 plus pages of introduction from ivory tower douchebags telling you not to read it.  That book is On Pain.

Storm of Steel will allow you to recalibrate youre bitch n moan meter among other things.



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check back for exciting new photos of exciting new stuff. May do a new section for it. heres a taste

the 9’6″ SFP I test rode a while back, faaast! Check the lack of nose volume

nice fin and tail combo

new mini bob fin template, wait till you see what its attatched to!

a shot so cool I had to lift it from surf knot, mini in action


ASYM craziness with kenvin

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Hes 50, and he rips. I love the big roundhouse where he has to redirect around the bobber.

Remember to watch it in full screen kids!

Awww c-mon Jay

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Im usually the last to finger point, as I know when youre desperate you’ll dress like a hippy for a photo shoot for coupla months rent in cali. I hate the term sell out, its usually used by self righteous trust funders who dont have to work ever. But Tie Dye on a fukin JAY ADAMS model!!! I mean cmon Jay what the fuck? it cant be that bad.  Jason said it best everything sacred will be raped.

I like my graphics much better, and I bet Jay would too.

havin a bad day, typical head against a brick wall monday?

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watch this and have a attitude adjustment.

Skip Frye showing us how to ride a real longboard.

make sure you watch it full screen

Hailsa Mrs Williams

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Amy Williams mom passed away this mornin, Sunday the 18th. She was one of the really fun Surf City regulars back in the 80’s/90s. She was always a hoot and she remembered and asked about all the old crew even to this day, which is amazing in this day and age. A lot of us that worked back then have fond memories and we send our condolences to Amy and her family.

Hailsa is a great word, its like the old European version of Aloha. Its hello, goodbye, thank you, see you again,welcome home and a whole lot more rolled into one word.

So a great big HAILSA to Mrs Williams and her family.


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first 15 minutes of dawn were great then it got all wobbly, not sure why but it was still fun and clean. Got some nice sunrise photos.