more surf

well weve had some surf then had the NEers with crap ankle high slop if that then back to some sneaky swell and another circular on the way. Mon mornin jeremy joined me for an early along with a few others, but the crowd never got ugly lots of super fun multi peak connectors for the jettyholic as I test rode a Eavey 9’6″ single fin pin. Flat, narrow and fast with a dished deck on the nose and round bottom up front, thing would glide thru the flats and hop over the back onto the next wave like a champ. You could stand on the nose easy too for trim but still control it with its bottom contours. Jeremy tried out the mini bob and like the others wanted one after 3 waves. Paddled back out on the mini and caught a few nice ones on1st or sucker peak as the rebound was working quite well today, plenty of push and wall for some cuttys. All in all quite a nice 3 hour session.

Dropped off the SFP and took a few shots of a mini bob with resin tint work. Forgot to get a shot of the 9’6″ tho, have to add that tues. Lets hope for some favorable winds. See ya early


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