Morning glory

for Chris Dan and I this summers dawn patrols have given us alot. Dan or Chris was saying how” everybodys been saying how shit the surfs been, but weve caught all these magic moments down here during that first hour or so of light.” Today was again one of those times. That magic time, for bout 45 minutes after first light the jetty was firing racing lines on the shallow inside bar at peak high tide, I mean damn it was good. Glassy chest high or so with Dan pulling a Hawaii scale fly out off his newly acquired Eavey mini bob on a early screamer with a fantastic sunrise in the background. Its been a fun summer for the Jettyholic dawn patrolers today was icing on the cake.

Speed blur sunrise over the Newells bridge

2nd session peeler off the rocks. actually the yellow sign in was better least till 11 when i got out

still I caught a few on the skip


4 Responses to “Morning glory”

  1. Would you mind posting a pic or two of Eavey’s mini Bob? I think I want one.

    Keep it up!… Tom

    • Scroll thru the posts theres quite a few photos of his mini simmons from 8′ down to 5 something. And yes you do want one, everyone who tries one out wants one.

      • Cool thanks… I thought the miniBob was his version of a Simmons, but now it’s confirmed. Beauty of board… great outline.

      • Mini bob is just another nickname I use for em, like Chiclet for the real bar of soap looking ones like mine. Try one out nd you’ll want one, its never failed yet. Like dan said once you go flat you never go back. CB surf shop has that thinner green resin one in now, its a chiclet shape but a bit thinner and narrower than mine. Sweetwater may have one in too.

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