High Tide zippers

More high tide oddness, with the new bar the Jettyholic dawn patrollers  have been catching some prime zippers with some punch over the knee deep inside bar! Clean waist to chest high sets with a bit of throw to em this am, both lefts and rights for a change and the ol  jettyholic even squeezed into a coupla coverups on the mini bob. Chris as usual caught his fair share as he dominated the 41 peak, Dan had scooted over to Mase which was by all accounts far far more crowded and fickle. At least he had his flat going for him. Couldnt score a discount go pro from ASR so no photos sorry but it sure was fun till the tide turned and the rip kicked in. Hope the dawn proves fertile again tomorrow!


2 Responses to “High Tide zippers”

  1. man. that was a fun session. love the blog man. keep up the good work.

    • Thanks,that was a good morning. Missed ya on thursday last warm dawn patrol of the year I think. Maybe you got out later. loads of oddball shit on here to check out be sure to look around.

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