more new stuff

ok heres some more new stuff to look at, drool over and get that 3rd job to purchase

you know you want it


tricked out slimmed down mini for a 160lb rider, looks like a rocker increase too but dont quote me on that.

Punk rock ant returns from 1981 to oversee mini bob R&D

SFP and a nice one at that

gregs new personal, its a nose rider w/o all the pushy pushy water crap. A nose glider complete w diamond tail and Velzy fin

narrow nose concave

uh huh

built to glide

random WTF ?

Kenvin prolly has a nicer office

textbook grom dump at Globe video premier red dogs

now go read these. You know a books worth reading when its only 47 pages but the publisher has 50 plus pages of introduction from ivory tower douchebags telling you not to read it.  That book is On Pain.

Storm of Steel will allow you to recalibrate youre bitch n moan meter among other things.


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