WTF sunday

blasting offshores all night,no way the swells gonna show up proper so I got comfy with some beers and a old movie, slept kinda late (that means after 7) and OH NO thought Id missed it after seeing Tonys dawn patrol report. Grabbed the SUP thinking Id slept myself into a paddle only session with the wind, but took the mini just in case. Walked over and watched tony get a smoker, still breaking despite the offshores. Whod a thunk it? Crisp clean waist to chest occ bigger sets with alot of em not shutting down. Amazing day. Only draw back was piss poor choice of rubber, I was freezing from the get go in the shorty spring, needed the SS full for sure this am. Still who can bitch, and the surf is still holding. Definitely one of those gifts from the gods days! Thanks NJORD!

Lifted a dawn photo from Tony forgot my cell as per usual.


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