riding failed design sliders, yes the dregs of society gathered for the first mini bob summit, this one was held in a remote CB location and although we were about 6 hours early for the peak conditions we had a blast! Honestly I had the most fun and relaxing 2 hours Ive had in ages. Surf was a bit wobbly but had some fun faces and everybody caught at least one chest high screamer down the beach. Too busy havin fun to bother with surf photos or go pros, next time we’ll hire somebody. The minis were traditional, slight mods or planing hulls with all modern twists and quad fins, but in the end the basic premise of the design worked well in all the forms, these boards are carving machines which suits the C.O.L.D crew just fine. Bob Simmons was way ahead of the curve in the forties, these minis work in such a wide array of conditions and are so much fun to ride you should make the effort to try one out.

C.O.L.D crew gold card member Trey suiting up, non mini bob slider sporting original art work by his daughter

Treys diamond tail /nose model. It rides sweet!

the line up

Zogs Vernor, a planing hull just narrower dimensions by about an inch. click and you can see the dimensions


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