Be Cool Man DVD review

Reaction after one viewing: Best viewed w beer, main bitch is I woulda liked to have seen more complete rides at Salinas, and maybe some mini bob footage too from the tour, did I mention the pool session at the start?

why yes that is christians kid doing that big ass smith over the D box. yes there is some serious COLD action in this opener.

Oh my thats a fine  jason jessee like fside ollie  right there

Im guessing somebody didnt buy a round the night before when it was his go,  paybacks a bummer

full DVD review later

OK so its a day and a sixer later…. heres the review with ruff preview video

bit heavy on the scotty stupnick “antics” but  enjoyed all the DEVOish retro clips thrown in. Wish theyd have thrown more entire rides on the salinas contest segments and some footage of the guys riding Tylers bars of soap. Ive seen some good photos on the Vans duct tape site and surf knot so theres gotta be video out there. Including the entire semis and finals raw footage as an extra wouldav been great too.

Wheres the mini sessions at?????

The logging is great and the opening pool session is just pure speed power and carving, and its nice seeing Christian carving with his kid. Greyson is killing it. Its a amusing watch with some beers and would be great background video for a party. No emo or worn out tired ass hippy music either which is another plus

anyway you can buy it here:  Captain Fin Co — DVDS


2 Responses to “Be Cool Man DVD review”

  1. Hey man

    i just downloaded this off the surf network but haven’t watched it yet!
    more duct tape footage here:

    the eaveys look rad!

    for info my tw mini bob is 5’2 , i’m 36, 5’6 about 147lbs, it’s plenty of foam, i think if i rode good waves more often than junk i could have gone 4’11, the 5’2 paddles better than a christenson style 5’6 keel fish i have!

    It’s such a fast board and responsible for more wave related smiles than anything else in my quiver right now, that said i just got a 5’6 mccallum mford thats very fun on first surf and reckon that might be competing for playtime often now too! the lateral speed on a thigh high mush burger pretty much dropped my jaw!

    • thanks I love how my 6′ mini catches even the tiny waves but think having a board about 5’2″-5’5″ for waist plus would be really fun too. Gotta ask have you ridden the big Skip Fryes? Ive got a 12’2″ that I ride and like to take it out then hop on the mini, and get a full 6′ of difference in on the same session.
      I posted that same video a bit earlier thanks tho.

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