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more lil fin action

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havent seen this elsewhere as of yet and its pretty interesting. Eaveys been slapping some tiny side fin cheaters on a few of his displacement hulls, and the guys up north have taken to riding em sans center fin. Sometimes in dredging up conditions, and word is even the young guns are blown away by the feel. Another page in the book, I gotta try one out myself.



New Moon fin

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had a sporty 3 + hour session in micro sliders, crystal clear water made for some great shipwreck viewing whilst Hazeling around on the sup, wish Id had the mini with me as planned but was still fun. Afters ran home n grabbed the mini bob and headed over to the Eavey compound to do some creative grindification. We’d tried a small fin with a bit of a keel shape to it which I felt grabbed a bit much, so I proceeded to whittle er down to a half moon shape. So small tho its more like a new moon. Im sure itll be the next fin craze and Ill be set for life, or at least itll be fun to test out tomorrow and monday when some more swell hits. Thanks to Greg for the space and sander.

heres the original height /shape way back prior to glassing

grinded down, now hand shaping

Final shaping and spit polish. Hadnt gotten dusty in years. Was alot of fun goofing around with a lil project

new moon fever, the finished product.

Heres that crazy tint job displacement hull I showed in lam phase, the gloss brings it out. the lighting was playing havoc with photos so you get a nice reflection shot here. yep nothing like a reflection of a transformer to set off a resin tint job dammit.

heres another

winged pin single fin which’ll sport some milk dud side fins

headed for lam phase

Face it you ate more than Homer Simpson at a free fried food buffett

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walk, hell you can barely crawl to the head. Its flat, you already skated so no eaters remorse, but whats to do till you have room for a beer? Check out the latest post on deus ex machina blog. Theres some really nifty decks up, teak fins, resin tints, big sliders and mini bobs. Deus Bali: The Temple’s board racks recive a new batch of foam craft

While youre at it buy the first surfer mag Ive bought in 20 years, the 20.6 surfers journal or just read it for free later at B&N after you can safely leave the house w/o gut tremors. I got it for the simmons, quigg and warren articles but then upon opening  found a piece on the Deus lads as well.

Heres a lil vid of the DEM compound from SJ

and a lil mini bob barrel fest feature to keep you settled.

Now waddle out and share a beer (the best you got) with the gods and show some respect and appreciation for the wonders around you everyday, and your ancestors hard work that gave you this chance to slide!  give your family a hug too while youre at it, this is Thanksgiving after all.

We score AGAIN!

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Ozealio and I made a break for it, wind was howling SW (offshore bit of side) so we didnt expect much tho it had looked pretty fun earlier. Tide was dropping so who knows? Paddled out and again caught some prime timing lines on first peak which was oddly connecting well with main 2 nd peak on some. Fun waist stomach high with occasional chest high set rolling thru and just 2 of us out. Nov 23 and Im in a 2mm short sleeve full no boots and warm, what more could ya ask for? The waves were perfect fodder for Bob, long clean lines with decent push added in from the rebound off the wall and I felt like I had one of those OH Yeah sessions, sussing out the more subtle aspects of the board. Ozeal got a nice coverup left and popped out a few feet off the wall, one of the best first peak sessions Ive had this year. Im quite thankful we got yet another lucky timed session in before the wind came up and the tide filled in. Thanks Njord!  No photos due to AT&T screwing me around on my new phone cam and time constraints.

The Jettyholic crew sends our condolences to the family of the man killed last night when their vessel struck the inside rocks.

sunset shot ghetto snapped off the cam. peak high tide with strong straight offshores.

No less than a miracle

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eavey made 2 updates to his blog inside of 30 days, unfreakingbelievable ! check out the other photo (yeah he put up TWO! I know crazy huh) here  eavey surfboards

Too busy creating to document, fair play mister. resin tint on the lam rack.

Skip and Bob go surfing

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Skip and Bob are some of my best friends, they are always up for a session. Ill say hey guys its low tide knee high and glassy at the Jetty, and they are pumped to go! Today another good friend called and wanted to go surf, and luckily we could all go. HOORAY! Well it turned out that we got down and after a brief period of so so conditions the Jetty turned on for us and we enjoyed a hour an half of perfect lil waist high peelers with that extra rebound magic the jetty throws in. Even tho Skip and Bob are good mates, they arent so found of Mr Iphone who loves to ruin all their snazzy slider documentation with his evil buddy Mr Overexposure at the drop of a dime. Nonetheless we all had a smashing good time, as anyone lucky enough to have time to go surfing regardless of conditions should have. Hey its what you make it.

Ok heres our buddy ending his first ride with Bob,thank you MR speed of molasses shutter. Only shot thats even half way viewable, but I wouldnt get out and take photos after it got good anyway.

Generally people who surf with Bob the first time have this sort of expression afterwards. Happy

Bob and Skip relaxing post session, Skips the one with the sun tan.

Afterwards we stopped by the eavey rider R&D compound to regail him with our exploits. The compound looks pretty swanky in this shot, and this is as close as you’ll ever get to a portrait of the guy. Artists… theyre so self conscious.

Then after the usual RC animal care duties the Jettyholic got into his own shaping bay, well cubby more like. Few more orders like this and I can swing a purchase of a Deus Ex Machina Tee. Just another grand Monday with the Jettyholic crew.

SUPs, hey at least their not jetskis

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ha ha, can you imagine your local break cluster fucked by these things? Lairds doing a good job not killing himself in the pool on it.