Mini bob progression Tyler Warren style

follow the link Deus Bali: Salsa’s Bat Tail  killer lil bat tail mini bob, similar to what Eaveys done with his diamond models (as ridden by our own Globe and Folia Jewels rep Trey Womble). The bottom looked a bit different so I ventured a question and TW was gracious enough to answer and give us a description of what he’s up to with his versions of the mini bob. remember you heard it here second. The Deus site is a must read if you havent already bookmarked it, One of the most consistently interesting sites out there. These photos are a sample of whats up there, they aint mine!!!

“This board has a slight v panel on the rail, with a semi deep ( spiral “v” concave) between the fins.. Its what I found worked the best on these boards… I have only seen the simmons boards with a hull or single concaved bottom.. Don’t think the double/spiral v came into play until the Bonzer Brothers did there thing in the early 70’s… Cheers ”    Thanks Tyler I’ll buy a round when you travel thru with the TW Experience movie!


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