I Horsed Around

Jettyholic usually keeps the ugly world to other blogs but today Ive gotta get this off my chest, I just had my beautiful sunrise morning shot in the head when I saw this headline on Penn State pedo Sandusky “Sandusky Admits He “Horsed Around”!  WHAT?  You didnt horse around you raped kids you filthy piece of shit and you and your scumbag “dont snitch” head coach Paterno need to be hung from lightposts end of! This is what our American football win at all costs mentality has descended to covering up a child sex ring so we dont mess up a winning football program.  Read or rather youd be better off if you didnt read the grand jury indictment here, warning it AINT pretty! C4181508116.PDF (application/pdf Object)

Justice for the the pedos the skinhead way! as the song goes, hang em hang em hang em High watch those sorry bastards die!  The Jettyholic would happily tie a tightrope for these scumbags!

Now back to our happy world of surfing……….from deus this mornin it sure helped erase this pedo thing from my mood

Deus Bali: Through the lens of Zac Baillie



One Response to “I Horsed Around”

  1. Well said. And hang the red headed couch too.

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