Skip and Bob go surfing

Skip and Bob are some of my best friends, they are always up for a session. Ill say hey guys its low tide knee high and glassy at the Jetty, and they are pumped to go! Today another good friend called and wanted to go surf, and luckily we could all go. HOORAY! Well it turned out that we got down and after a brief period of so so conditions the Jetty turned on for us and we enjoyed a hour an half of perfect lil waist high peelers with that extra rebound magic the jetty throws in. Even tho Skip and Bob are good mates, they arent so found of Mr Iphone who loves to ruin all their snazzy slider documentation with his evil buddy Mr Overexposure at the drop of a dime. Nonetheless we all had a smashing good time, as anyone lucky enough to have time to go surfing regardless of conditions should have. Hey its what you make it.

Ok heres our buddy ending his first ride with Bob,thank you MR speed of molasses shutter. Only shot thats even half way viewable, but I wouldnt get out and take photos after it got good anyway.

Generally people who surf with Bob the first time have this sort of expression afterwards. Happy

Bob and Skip relaxing post session, Skips the one with the sun tan.

Afterwards we stopped by the eavey rider R&D compound to regail him with our exploits. The compound looks pretty swanky in this shot, and this is as close as you’ll ever get to a portrait of the guy. Artists… theyre so self conscious.

Then after the usual RC animal care duties the Jettyholic got into his own shaping bay, well cubby more like. Few more orders like this and I can swing a purchase of a Deus Ex Machina Tee. Just another grand Monday with the Jettyholic crew.


2 Responses to “Skip and Bob go surfing”

  1. Thanks for the call! Wouldn’t have heard it anyways as I caught a good 2 hour sesh in CB…If Brixton doesn’t hire me, maybe Deus ex Machina will!

  2. They check out the Jettyholic sometimes, lets hope they notice and want a grassroots hard workin sales rep instead of some VB tater chip lay about. DEM would go well with the jewelry line huh!

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