We score AGAIN!

Ozealio and I made a break for it, wind was howling SW (offshore bit of side) so we didnt expect much tho it had looked pretty fun earlier. Tide was dropping so who knows? Paddled out and again caught some prime timing lines on first peak which was oddly connecting well with main 2 nd peak on some. Fun waist stomach high with occasional chest high set rolling thru and just 2 of us out. Nov 23 and Im in a 2mm short sleeve full no boots and warm, what more could ya ask for? The waves were perfect fodder for Bob, long clean lines with decent push added in from the rebound off the wall and I felt like I had one of those OH Yeah sessions, sussing out the more subtle aspects of the board. Ozeal got a nice coverup left and popped out a few feet off the wall, one of the best first peak sessions Ive had this year. Im quite thankful we got yet another lucky timed session in before the wind came up and the tide filled in. Thanks Njord!  No photos due to AT&T screwing me around on my new phone cam and time constraints.

The Jettyholic crew sends our condolences to the family of the man killed last night when their vessel struck the inside rocks.

sunset shot ghetto snapped off the cam. peak high tide with strong straight offshores.


One Response to “We score AGAIN!”

  1. WB’s bars are all gone from the Nor-easters. You should have seen CB last night. High Tide. Chest high round zippers.

    Happy Thanksgiving

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