Face it you ate more than Homer Simpson at a free fried food buffett

walk, hell you can barely crawl to the head. Its flat, you already skated so no eaters remorse, but whats to do till you have room for a beer? Check out the latest post on deus ex machina blog. Theres some really nifty decks up, teak fins, resin tints, big sliders and mini bobs. Deus Bali: The Temple’s board racks recive a new batch of foam craft

While youre at it buy the first surfer mag Ive bought in 20 years, the 20.6 surfers journal or just read it for free later at B&N after you can safely leave the house w/o gut tremors. I got it for the simmons, quigg and warren articles but then upon opening  found a piece on the Deus lads as well.

Heres a lil vid of the DEM compound from SJ

and a lil mini bob barrel fest feature to keep you settled.

Now waddle out and share a beer (the best you got) with the gods and show some respect and appreciation for the wonders around you everyday, and your ancestors hard work that gave you this chance to slide!  give your family a hug too while youre at it, this is Thanksgiving after all.


5 Responses to “Face it you ate more than Homer Simpson at a free fried food buffett”

  1. Did I mention that I surfed for over 3 1/2 hours in CB yesterday? Couldn’t walk at the end of the session, can’t wait for the new hip!
    That Mini Deus looks sick!

  2. Hey Jetty,

    Thanks for all the press. You have to get your bum and those of your family down our way real soon.

    Wont receive our copy, subscriber, of SJ for awhile, Indo mail, so have to wait until it arrives to peruse.

    Lovin’ the new blog template, very clean!

    Deus Bali family member

  3. ANO meet Trey Womble, he needs to be the DEM Mid Atlantic rep! He is a perfect fit for Deus and is a hard worker, unlike many other reps I can think of in the surf rag trade. he’s our jewelry man now for boutique and surf shop as well.

  4. oh and would love to come down the missus even more so, the kids tho a bit too young for big trips, but soon very soon. Thanks for the invite

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