New Moon fin

had a sporty 3 + hour session in micro sliders, crystal clear water made for some great shipwreck viewing whilst Hazeling around on the sup, wish Id had the mini with me as planned but was still fun. Afters ran home n grabbed the mini bob and headed over to the Eavey compound to do some creative grindification. We’d tried a small fin with a bit of a keel shape to it which I felt grabbed a bit much, so I proceeded to whittle er down to a half moon shape. So small tho its more like a new moon. Im sure itll be the next fin craze and Ill be set for life, or at least itll be fun to test out tomorrow and monday when some more swell hits. Thanks to Greg for the space and sander.

heres the original height /shape way back prior to glassing

grinded down, now hand shaping

Final shaping and spit polish. Hadnt gotten dusty in years. Was alot of fun goofing around with a lil project

new moon fever, the finished product.

Heres that crazy tint job displacement hull I showed in lam phase, the gloss brings it out. the lighting was playing havoc with photos so you get a nice reflection shot here. yep nothing like a reflection of a transformer to set off a resin tint job dammit.

heres another

winged pin single fin which’ll sport some milk dud side fins

headed for lam phase


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