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JJ’s “pet” rooster VS the wrist crusher

surf house cycle


more surprise waves

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missed the best early mornin stuff but as per usual connor was on it. I got there a bit late thinking the tide would have it and was shocked at the lil frames comin in on the sets. Solid waist high with some push and super duper clean made it a blast with the warm weather. Ended up riding w James Bain on the humility boats then grabbed a short session on the mini bob before the wind came up strong. Lil horseshoe wedge was working just inside of the wreck real consistent as was 41.  As per usual I choked on camera choice, didnt get any set wave shots, ones of james ripping were late, and so youre left with a trip to

Overexposure Land!!!!!!!!!!   thanks Icamera

well at least you can see its clean

smoking boots at dawn

totally unrelated photo of Eavey contorting into a lil one,


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the if only syndrome, if the wind had only stayed down this morning it woulda been great logging or mini surf, but it cranked up hard offshore and was blown to bits by 11 or 12 right as the tide started to help it out. Caught a few inside after getting blown out to sea on the SUP. Oh well, stopped by the Eavey complex and checked out his new personal slider, looks fast. Rather pulled in outline with single to dbl to flat bottom and single fin box.Believe it was @ 23 wide.

looks like it gonna have a kook shank nose

flaked out and didnt take photos of him doing a resin tint paint job

Tuck knee Style

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Victory at Sea day out there w 30+winds and torrential rain. Good day to Hazel and wile away some time with a video.(Hazel=clean up. as in the 50’s TV show)

Some film grabs off Sight n Sound, somebody doing a nice rail grab cutback on mini bob type surfer.



Yuletide Style

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ENJOY the season!

Happy Yule

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Usual mayhem here with barbies and elaborate hamster cage tube extensions. Some lil surf too looks fairly clean on the cheater cam. Hope everyone has a solid Merry Christmas day!

Elves at play

Santa was busy last night!

overcome with exhaustion from unwrapping presents!

was super glassy in the sound so I opted for a quickie paddle with my limited time frame. Usually dont take music out but had a Dean Martin Christmas album going on the portable.

White Christmas sounds really cool under the bridge

the bois hangin n drying out after lunch

went by the Temples and then the Barnes compound on the return, this being the Barnes. My photo of the new mega porch at the Temples didnt turn out. Even just going for a paddle just makes ya feel better, something about the water. Now its time for family, food and drink!

more warm surf

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Boy Ozeal and I have been racking up the no one out glassy n warm sessions of late. Had a bang up longboard session Thursday with waist high rebound coming off the wall with the extreme low tides. Friday got the last of the warmth in with a nice long session on the mini. Bit less push than Thurs but clean and glassy with some lines connecting and decent rebound. Connor showed up as Ozeal was leaving so I headed back out for a few more. Connor scored a nice backdoor into the peak cover up. Chris Dan and the rest of the Jettyholic crew showed up as I was leaving, too bad a semi crowd had developed by then.

This shot sums it up nicely