everyone in the northern Hem!  Odd weather for the winter solstice but appropriate for a celebration of rebirth and renewal. Soon to be longer days and shorter nights. Went for a SUP but there was actually a bit of swell showing so I ditched the paddle and logged it awhile then grabbed the mini. Warm air and water with glassy conditions early made it fun, did the 2mm SS full and was fine in it with the size and being outta the water alot.

Spend some time w your kids and family today and reflect on how good it is to have both, and raise a glass to the gods for all the help and love. Enjoy the day looks like fair weather for the next few! Hailsa



One Response to “HAPPY SOLSTICE”

  1. Actually had fun surf today. Went north of the jettyto get awafrom the crowds. Good day to have a simmons 🙂 my number is. Let me know those mornings its firing and you don’t want to surf the jetty alone:-)

    Good to see you again

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