more surprise waves

missed the best early mornin stuff but as per usual connor was on it. I got there a bit late thinking the tide would have it and was shocked at the lil frames comin in on the sets. Solid waist high with some push and super duper clean made it a blast with the warm weather. Ended up riding w James Bain on the humility boats then grabbed a short session on the mini bob before the wind came up strong. Lil horseshoe wedge was working just inside of the wreck real consistent as was 41.  As per usual I choked on camera choice, didnt get any set wave shots, ones of james ripping were late, and so youre left with a trip to

Overexposure Land!!!!!!!!!!   thanks Icamera

well at least you can see its clean

smoking boots at dawn

totally unrelated photo of Eavey contorting into a lil one,


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