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our buddy Scott

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COLD crew associate Scott Bourne, the last segment says more than a thousand words. 2 hours going at it to make a brutal wall ride to rail slide, Do or die trying! Fukin A thats Scott

and then theres his artsy side




slo mo mini action

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been missing all the fun warm small surf  but heres some footage from Tylers All Yew segment that I slowed down on the VLC. You can really see how hes using the rails etc with the slo mo. Best footage of a mini simmons in good surf Ive seen. see the original video at korduroy

Tyler Warren – All Yew on Vimeo  if you missed the earlier post on it on here at jettyholic.


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Terry Hayes n co. killing it. Hayes, god bless him, is Millwall but even that dont take away from the fact the EEBs were a 1st gen Oi legend band and that he’s vocals in one of the best Oi bands out at the moment The London Diehards. If you aint got their cd you need to grab it, well worth it trust me!

The London Diehards

you can take the boy off of

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Castle Street, but you cant take the Castle Street outta the boy.


when the going gets cold

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the C.O.L.D. get going! Rich Holt slaying it up in the triangle. I gotta get up there!

Winter is back

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Like a steelcap to the nose, pow! From 70 to HELLO 20 F temps in a day!  Well as youre huddled up slugging porters to stay warm, heres something to peruse. The oh so slick Deus year in review. I know I know theres loads of longhairs afoot here fellas but theres also some fine fotos of super low Jay boy style surfing too. Neat bikes, motorized bikes and what not as well. Its worth a browse and really well put together marketing and just plain nice images. Theres a shot of golden boy that youd expect to see on the cover of warhols old mag, classic.

deus year review 2011


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ON NEW YEARS DAY 2012. Did the Laird and conditions were so nice. So with a few ultra glassy sliders rollin in I went out for a surf in my trunks! I think I could hear John hooting. Caught a few fun micro slides in the beautiful clear water and had to jet to go to work. What a great way to start the year. Never thought Id get a trunk session in on Jan 1!   Note to self: Must remember to charge go pro battery.