2 weeks w/o Jetty

makes ankle high sliders at wrong tide FUN!   The Jettyholic Mantra- Its always better than it looks

music Day in Dorset picked in tribute to Adventures in Trim (Dorsets kinda close to Devon I think )


4 Responses to “2 weeks w/o Jetty”

  1. edwardsgs Says:

    Looks fun!

  2. “why I love longboards”

    made my day… thanks!

  3. sweet!! It IS always better than it looks!!

    is that the frye?

    dorset is close, next county east of here, probably a couple of hours drive!

    • yep thats my 12’2″ skip, Ive had that board since early 90’s I love it! Hope to get some better footage of it, I hadnt ridden it in awhile and it sure shows in that footage.

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