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the next best thing to being a skinhead. Cool Damn Video and remember to check out The Waxhead Diaries


Terry Martin needs some help

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Pitch in if you can, help your own out before donating to some far flung “problem”! Terrys the quintessential blue collar shaper, quietly turning out kick ass surfboards for decades. A true craftsman who deserves a hand.

You can donate directly at the Terry Martin project

Terry Martin Project

heres the facebook page and a story at the HOBIE blog

Terry Martin Project – From WOOD to FOAM a body of work by Terry Martin

Terry Martin: Life, Boards, and Everything | Hobie Surf Shop l BLOG

Make it Happen !

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Up till “I feel like shit oclock” last night with the bubble dresses. Woke up at 5 and said what the hell. Cloudy but decent wind conditions and feel pretty good now despite 4 hours sleep. You just gotta make it happen. Off to the metal shop now for me.

Launching at OMG its early oclock


Suns coming up

Harbor side, nice n glassy

Geez Spence is far away!

FINALLY caught up/ Spence turned around

Sunday fun day

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finally copped a surf session in and on the mini too! Hooray. Water temps dropped with all that rain last few days, but the combo of wrong tide and wrong wetsuit couldnt dampen the fun of a clean waist high swell. Felt good to slide into some on the mini. Only had a hour so no time for photos. Jetty looks like it needs some more sand right now hopefully this lil NE swell will fill er in. Hope you got in!


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Punker Ross has checked out as B’s did, nothing but waste

Times been tight lately,James Bain had justĀ  told me you can see just good enough at 5am to paddle, so since I couldnt sleep last night I got up and went for a Laird. Glided thru a pod of dolphins in the sound in front of Spences, they were all fat and happy, Mom,Dad and the kids,slowly rolling back out towards the inlet after a night of fishing. The water was a mirror and they were all about me. Herons flew by and since I couldnt see well I just paddled by feel and really figured it out. Best Laird session yet. The funs out there, sometimes you just have to work harder to get to it. Ross coulda been there with me, or B’s, but now they never will get the chance. Im sick n tired of seeing this rerun, Kids sticking a gun in your mouth aint the answer. What seems like a big deal now is just passing. Pull your boots and and keep going.

I hope the Gods show mercy


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Django, just 2 fingers mind you. Ripping