Punker Ross has checked out as B’s did, nothing but waste

Times been tight lately,James Bain had just  told me you can see just good enough at 5am to paddle, so since I couldnt sleep last night I got up and went for a Laird. Glided thru a pod of dolphins in the sound in front of Spences, they were all fat and happy, Mom,Dad and the kids,slowly rolling back out towards the inlet after a night of fishing. The water was a mirror and they were all about me. Herons flew by and since I couldnt see well I just paddled by feel and really figured it out. Best Laird session yet. The funs out there, sometimes you just have to work harder to get to it. Ross coulda been there with me, or B’s, but now they never will get the chance. Im sick n tired of seeing this rerun, Kids sticking a gun in your mouth aint the answer. What seems like a big deal now is just passing. Pull your boots and and keep going.

I hope the Gods show mercy


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