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fun night out

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dont get too many of those night out deals. Got there late thanks to FED EX, but was a nice crowd and was great fun catching up with folks like Swink Brad and Billy. Thanks to Danny Ching for the non paddle related advice. James had a wonderful spread and I regret not tucking into the shrimp wraps he had out, needed another hand to hold more food. Raised a bit of money and a lot of awareness for the Terry Martin Project tonight. Hope to see Swink and everyone out in the lineup soon and a great big thank you to James and Cristi Bain, the whole crew at EPIC for hosting such a great event and everyone who made it out.

Kicked back with one more beer watching some surf shorts of TW on his Martin shaped pin before bed and hopefully a predawn paddle.



EPIC FOOD Co. Fundraiser for Terry Martin

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This Thursday 4/26 from 5:30 to 8pm. Complimentary appetizers. A % of proceeds from the bar will go to the Terry Martin Project to help Terry with his med bills and a direct donation bucket will be on hand too. HOBIE SUP team guy Byron Kurt will be on hand and some of the new HOBIE made in USA sups will be there to fondle,they’re ridiculously liteweight. Please swing by enjoy some dinner or just a few cold ones and help this good man out! EPIC is located in the old NOFO space in The Forum on military cutoff. Nice big green sign. Great food

Thanks Jettyholic

1125 Military Cutoff Road, Wilmington, NC. 1 910.679.4216


you can donate directly online thru paypal check out the TMP  FB page here for more info

Terry Martin Project – From WOOD to FOAM a body of work by Terry Martin

New sliders!

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check out the eavey 2012 page posting new shots of some of the latest I WANT ONE! boards he’s been doing of late.Posting up new ones all week!

5’6″ mini bob

sweet 9 sumthin

Dont forget DEUS

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Really cool blog with nice alternative boards and bikes, always worth a look.

Blog | Deus Customs Indonesia

And more surf!

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Despite the high tide and offshore wind its still going off out front This mornin. Swells missing the jetty proper but 41 is reeling and masenboro is going off too.Hope you get it.

still fun at lunch! Tony posted a rare for him Jetty photo. Man Im sponsored by team missing it.

Doesnt look fun for a mini bob or Longboard at all does it? Ha  Racing sections and stiff offshores but its still good.

Super sunday

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WOW finally managed to get the ol mini bob out in some decent surf again! Lite offshores and a solid chest high swell on a dropping tide and jetty bound I was. The new steel pole is definitely right in the damn way and I played tag with it on a few waves on first peak. The mini was the perfect vehicle to snag the outside sets breaking at yellow sign. Good ol Tony from sweetwater paddled out and no sooner than Id heard him yell a greeting from insides than the wave Id been hoping for rolled in and connected from yellow sign all the way in. Felt so nice to be on the mini and get a nice face for a cutback and a racy inside section! Sometimes I swear Tony is my good luck charm out there.

Insides was breaking and with a nice punch to em too. Tony was killing it as per and the crowd was extremely small less than 10 guys out so you had plenty of room to move. Rather shocking considering the quality of the swell.  Really stoked I finally caught a good clean swell again. As always thanks to Njord.

Tight schedule prevented me from donning the go pro for some footage unfortunately, so heres a borrowed shot from tonys site. It was taken further up the beach obviously but you can imagine what the Jetty looked like if it was this good down the beach.


Tyler discovers the wonder that is Jettyholic

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High tide really put a damper on the nice clean swell we had this morning, I opted for a 6:30am Laird from Jasmine thru the inlet to the jetty. Noone out so I Lairded a bit which was tough with all the wonderful rebound,oh if it was only low tide!  Ditched the paddle and got a longboard session in.  Woulda been really good had the tide been just a bit lower, there was a lot of bounce off the jetty so it would have mad for some really nice peaks. Waters nice n warm its already full on baggy time most days. Got home and saw Tyler Warren has discovered the Jettyholic, which is nice as he’s one of the few “pros” I could care less about watching. Good clean style on a variety of boards. Gentlemen we’ve hit the moderately big time!  Check it out