Tyler discovers the wonder that is Jettyholic

High tide really put a damper on the nice clean swell we had this morning, I opted for a 6:30am Laird from Jasmine thru the inlet to the jetty. Noone out so I Lairded a bit which was tough with all the wonderful rebound,oh if it was only low tide!  Ditched the paddle and got a longboard session in.  Woulda been really good had the tide been just a bit lower, there was a lot of bounce off the jetty so it would have mad for some really nice peaks. Waters nice n warm its already full on baggy time most days. Got home and saw Tyler Warren has discovered the Jettyholic, which is nice as he’s one of the few “pros” I could care less about watching. Good clean style on a variety of boards. Gentlemen we’ve hit the moderately big time!  Check it out



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