Super sunday

WOW finally managed to get the ol mini bob out in some decent surf again! Lite offshores and a solid chest high swell on a dropping tide and jetty bound I was. The new steel pole is definitely right in the damn way and I played tag with it on a few waves on first peak. The mini was the perfect vehicle to snag the outside sets breaking at yellow sign. Good ol Tony from sweetwater paddled out and no sooner than Id heard him yell a greeting from insides than the wave Id been hoping for rolled in and connected from yellow sign all the way in. Felt so nice to be on the mini and get a nice face for a cutback and a racy inside section! Sometimes I swear Tony is my good luck charm out there.

Insides was breaking and with a nice punch to em too. Tony was killing it as per and the crowd was extremely small less than 10 guys out so you had plenty of room to move. Rather shocking considering the quality of the swell.  Really stoked I finally caught a good clean swell again. As always thanks to Njord.

Tight schedule prevented me from donning the go pro for some footage unfortunately, so heres a borrowed shot from tonys site. It was taken further up the beach obviously but you can imagine what the Jetty looked like if it was this good down the beach.



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