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2nd storm

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Rained like hell then blew like crazy all day and shockingly there was fun surf in the right spot right time afters. Lucked out with it being girls supper evening so I scored a 3 hour session in varying conditions. Wind was on and off again stiff offshores till after 6:30 when it finally died down for good. Surf was in that waist high range but had good push to it. Enjoyed a 2 hour hour solo session then some folks paddled out for the 7-8. The mini bob was the choice today, performed really well and all the oddball pockets and rebound seemed to aid not hinder its performance. Fun driving lil lines for 3 hours. Feels so good to have gotten a long session in finally with no gotta get to __ stress involved. Surfed out, tired and lovin it.

The parting shots


Andy Davis Art Show

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I took a break from metal work and headed down to the show, got there later than I wanted at 9. There was no andy davis art work, was told he took it down after 30 minutes as people kept knocking it over. There was some art but most of it I couldnt see because of the crowd and limited space. There was however a guy pin striping. Igors signs n stripes. Bit pissed really as i wanted to see the andy davis works but not surprised as Red Dogs is a poor venue for an art show, too small too low and piss poor lighting cause, hey its a bar. Shame really as his art work is very approachable for kids and wouldve been a really fun show had it been at the right spot and earlier so more parents could bring young kids and actually enjoy the works. The bar girls and staff were great as always, so tip o the hat to them.

Anyway the pinstriper was a nice guy and heres some shots of him and the little piece he was doing.


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Not much of a sport watcher but well chuffed today, had a few pints after work w the lads and a few more tonight to celebrate.



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Tyler on a one fin pin I would imagine was shaped by Terry. I love to watch this Build Worldwide offering in the wee hours while getting ready for a dawn patrol.


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Terry passed sat mornin, our condolences to Candy and his family. Terry was a talented craftsman with a strong blue collar work ethic, shared his knowledge with the new generations and was devoted to his family. No need to feel sad, he led a long solid life and left a good saga. Hailsa

More Failure

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failed design concept? I dont think so………….

TOMO Surfboards have just kicked the ASP door in, OCCY best step up or Currens gonna clean his clock in the next legends heat on one of these.

hydrodynamica: Nike Lowers Pro Heat 9


Terry Martin

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Wonderful video of a true craftsman, lend him a hand if you can at Terry Martin Project