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First fall swell

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Flying back from NYC I knew it was time for some rubber and I was right. Froze my ass off till the sun popped out right before dark.  Nice head high with some over head peaks breaking around red sign as the tide dropped it got better. Long lines and alot of face to work with, Trestles like on first peak and hollower on the inside over towards 41. Managed a few crappy IPhone shots from the looksee dune while I watched Tony, Brad and Michael score some good ones on the way in. Fun way to get the Manhattan outta your sinus! Rode the mini and had a blast.

41 inside breaking


100 yarders

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waist high empty, photo courtesy of  Jettyholic Agent KBPD. Thanks

Hail the New Dawn

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The oh shit moment for the pop out surf industry, Kelly comes out on the side of the ultra modern planing hulls by TOMO after Stu kennedy slays some majors in the US Open at HB. Stu’s in the final 12 at Newquay today as well. The doors been opened! See more photos and footage of Stu’s ripping here 

click the title to watch on you tube if wordpress says video unavailable.

Red board rippin

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Makes me pine for that Eavey slider red board, narrow single fin pin. Man I loved that board. TW doin it at Salinas, by

Lil Bain scores

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a few micro sliders w dad on the assist.