Chef Eaveys Kitchen

Going to Eaveys place I usually feel as if im transferred into a Curious George cartoon with george in Chef Pseghettis kitchen, Im curious george of course. Eavey is a very patient man and like chef pseghetti tolerates the  monkeys intrusion. Not having bothered him in awhile I popped into the Eavey Rider compound today to see what was cookin, mmmmmmmmm smells like mini simmons fish getting seasoned up. This ones just rough shaped no convcaves or other fancy stuff yet. He had his 8 foot simmons in the back of the truck too, check out the fins. sweet

I’ll check back soon and get some photos of the rest of the process. You can thank me later.

allright heres that mini simmons further along, stringers getting shaved more bottom contours in. More on Monday

Happy Monday mini is getting glassed up and lucked out and barged in as Greg was glassin up some fins for it and had just glassed the bottom.

Lookin good!

and heres the fins

Sat 9/11 purt near done here. and looks good somebodies gonna be a happy camper when they pick it up!

the man behind the planer/glamorous lunch


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