Hail the New Dawn

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The oh shit moment for the pop out surf industry, Kelly comes out on the side of the ultra modern planing hulls by TOMO after Stu kennedy slays some majors in the US Open at HB. Stu’s in the final 12 at Newquay today as well. The doors been opened! See more photos and footage of Stu’s ripping here      http://dantomo.blogspot.com 

click the title to watch on you tube if wordpress says video unavailable.


Red board rippin

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Makes me pine for that Eavey slider red board, narrow single fin pin. Man I loved that board. TW doin it at Salinas, by

Lil Bain scores

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a few micro sliders w dad on the assist.



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Finally we’re getting those summer time dawn sessions with some long lines and good rebound with the proper low tide. Nothing size wise but just fun knee occasional waist high peaks super clean with the multi sections connecting. Got one from the wall past the flag at 41 so there were some longer ones and its so much fun gliding in on a rebound and getting slingshotted thru the peak. Usual jetty stupid early crew w Bain scoring first blood today.  Lots of fun having Miller back and watching Jacob get stoked on the glide. More video coming hopefully.

Hurry before your place is taken. photo courtesy of Miller

More surf

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or missing more surf depends an how i look at it, solid waist high plus swell yesterday early caught me off gaurd and poorly equipped but still scored a few on the laird, today the widow was only 5-6am and a T storm blocked the early light but I still scored a few with chappy and bain.  Too dark no photos turned out but i do have a nice fix for your sore back and screwed up hips from sitting so much. Yes its tougher than it looks keep your knees out on the way down! Thank/Blame me after but your shit will be fixed up by kellys movement


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Miller the king of carve is in town so we took all the sliders down and had a 6′ to 12′ quiver day. Jacob got his first party wave too.

complete run down of the action, Brian gets some time too

with friends like this…

and now for something completely different

June is Dawn patrol season

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Happy Summer Solstice, the jettyholic crew has been on the full dawn patrol program, hoping from one board to the next to optimize our early morning water time! I love being able to get 2 hours of surf in before 7am! Its been smaller surf for the crew but weve still had fun on the minis, longboards and dare i say it, even the SUPs. 20 plus years jetty man James Bain is on it by 5:15am most days on his new RAW Hobie sup, full respect from the prone division to him. Most are still fast asleep as James ends a solid session at the hardest place to stand up surf on the island and he still rips on his mini bob as well. If you dont surf here, dont  SUP here, end of!

Excellent rebound action this weekend as the jettyholic scored lots of really long micro rides on the ol Skip. Computer geek invasion was in full effect with Hawaiian Chris and Brian joining the dawn patrol sessions with their sons. The bar isnt as good as last year but is holding up well and its breaking pretty nicely as we thankfully exit our peak high tide period. Hopefully we’ll see a bit more size soon but if not no worries we’ll still be having fun. Hopefully Ill have more photos up soon with work returning to a more reasonable load.

And since its hot and surfing for hours w/o hydration leads to dehydration check out this great lesson in how to get re-hydrated from the MWOD blog. heres what should be a working direct link? hello wordpress? to a good electrolyte mix.   http://www.ultimareplenisher.com  nothing artificial in it and you can grab it at LOVEYS on Military Cutoff.


and a hydration self test and upper body fix after a day of paddling. now get on it