The Kitchen 2011







Finally an update where its supposed to go. As Jettyholic predicted its become a mini simmons summer and all due to word of mouth and the fact that everyone trying one ends up wanting one. Theres been no big media push thankfully and alot of shapers arent to receptive of new/ old designs, which suits us just fine. The big boys are making slimmy versions but though fun to ride too they aint the same speed and glide. Matter of fact its apparant that mini bobs piss some shapers right off, this too jettyholic likes. A quick peek into the ER compound shows minis sprouting everywhere!

yet another

ooooh custom triple stringer getting the glue up





Heres a few shots of some nice things gettin spiced up at Eaveys kitchen and glide research facility!

diamond tail mini, looks like mini simmons are a hot ticket for summer fun!



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