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5’5″ X wide X thick

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New mini in the works, keeping the bar of soap front end, switching up to narrow deep V tail, double concave to flat release, fins moving back a tad and 5″ shorter. Excited to try it out.

IMG_9630 IMG_9634 IMG_9633


Like a bad penny

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we’re back! Lots of small surf getting sweeped or logged lately, key phrase small. Scored a fun New Years day inlet session with just me and a crowd of dolphins nailing huge schools of bait fish.  Great start to 2013. New Mini board project for spring summer is in the works. Stay tuned

Hail The New Dawn      First sunrise at Jetty 2013


Heres some of whats been happening during our internet hiatus. ps life w/o cable TV is better than you imagine. kill your TV before it kills you


IMG_9212 IMG_9311 IMG_9437 IMG_9493 IMG_9500 IMG_9540 IMG_9555

Foster pup Alex saved from highway only dog Ive wanted to have in 35 years.

we are rucking photo courtesy of Terry Hayes of the London Diehards